MARO Multi Application Remedial Oil
The Original "First Aid in a Bottle"

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Multi-Application Remedial Oil

A Must Have for Everyones First Aid!

Soothes Pain, Reduces Inflammation, Protects Against Infection,
Reduces Scarring, Promotes Rapid Healing

MARO is a unique and specifically formulated blend of select and powerful, 100% pure essential oils, expertly combined to aid and considerably reinforce the bodies own natural healing process whilst reducing recovery time. Refined over many years and as a result of numerous case studies from both patient and family injuries, traumas and skin conditions MARO is our own unique recipe “Essential, Remedial Oil” with an almost endless scope of applications for everybody and not available anywhere else
One of the oils used in our "Multi-Application" version is "Jasmine" a very expensive but very powerful oil with regenerative properties, thanks to this remarkable product, extracted from the flowers of the plant and then blended into our oil, Multi Application Remedial Oil is particularly good for skin complaints and will help to promote rapid regeneration of damaged skin cells which drastically improves recovery from any surface damage to the skin**. If you suffer from any skin condition that results in irritation, inflammation, open sores, scarring or infection then you really need to be using MARO.

Multi-Application Remedial Oil

  • Remedial Uses

    Proven particularly beneficial and fast acting, MARO encourages rapid recovery and is effective when applied to cuts, bruises, sprains, scrapes, insect bites, grazes, dry skin, cracked skin, burns, strains, torn ligaments, crushing injuries, post operatic discomfort, sore muscles, many cases of Eczema, scratches and most other injuries or trauma (even haemorrhoids).


The 100% pure essential oils in MARO are often used individually by Aromatherapists to treat many complaints, when blended in the correct quantities MARO can be used for almost any physical complaint.

Take a look at the various complaints helped by the individual essential oils used in MARO:

Flu, muscle aches, fever, sickness, stomach pains, headaches, sinus congestion, dermatitis, eczema, hormone balancing, lice, PMT, skin blotches, stings, sprains, chilblains, bruises, insect bites, swollen and painful joints, sunburn, blisters, arthritis, acne, abscess, burns, migraine, nausea, baldness, circulation and more.

It would be safe to say that the first thing we reach for when someone is hurt or in discomfort is MARO, we've lost count of the amount of times we say "Go and put some MARO on it". Now you have the opportunity to make an exceptional addition to your medicine cabinet, one which you will keep for years and pass on to friends, family and even people perhaps you don't know that well, once you see how well it works you will want to share its amazing properties.

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Childrens Injuries

How bad do we feel when our little ones get hurt ? No matter how we try to keep them out of harms way, ever parent knows it's just a matter of time right ? I have lost count of the bumps, bruises, cuts, grazed knees, stings, stubbed toes, fingers in car doors and a whole host of other minor upsets that we have used MARO for over the years.
Thankfully there have been no more serious injuries to deal with, the picture to the left was taken around half an hour after one of my little girls ran at full speed into a shopping trolley parking area, she hit a solid metal bar across the bridge of her nose causing severe swelling (obviously a lot of discomfort) and a nasty cut, we thought she had broken her nose and where waiting for the black eyes to come in the day that followed.

We applied MARO immediately, (as we do for most everything) about 4 times the first day, then twice a day for about 4 days, the following day it was of course still a little tender but getting no worse, by the end of the 4 days there was no swelling, no bruising, no discomfort whatsoever but most importantly we stopped the bruising coming out completely, without MARO there would have been deep multi coloured bruises and heavy swelling that would have been sore for days.We generally don't leave home without MARO, just one small bottle can make a real difference to any injury if applied right away. All kids are accident prone (some more than others) but you can guarantee if you have MARO with you, you are going to use it.
Any-time the kids get hurt you can either apply yourself or let them do it, you'll lose count of the number of times you'll tell them to "Put some MARO on it".

Sporting Injuries

MARO is invaluable to serious and professional sportsmen and women.

Applying MARO will not only relieve pain, clear up cuts and abrasions, reduce scarring AND safeguard against infection, but will also reduce swelling, bruising, sooth strained muscles, tendons and drastically reduce your recovery time meaning you can carry on doing what you enjoy doing without lengthy delays and unnecessary suffering.

We understand that some sports enthusiasts will have certain reoccurring problems, perhaps due to old injuries, that can hamper their performance, MARO has proven time and time again to offer relief and minimise discomfort so why suffer, just use a few drops a day, you will soon notice the difference.

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Post Operatic Care

Anyone that has been "under the knife" either due to injury, disability or perhaps even for cosmetic purposes will know what a slow and painful experience recovering from surgery can be. Applying MARO on a daily basis can drastically reduce recovery time limit the amount of discomfort and even reduce scarring. I myself have had several serious motorcycle accidents and have recovered so quickly with the help of MARO that I simply cannot ignore the fact that this blend of oils should be in EVERY HOUSEHOLD.

If you or any of your friends and family have to be operated on, make sure one thing you are not without is MARO, you can be the fittest person in the world, it is still going to take time to heal, stitches come out, plasters come off but it can still take weeks, months or even years in some cases to completely recover, using MARO daily will relieve you through the most sensitive and painful moments, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

We take it everywhere with us, friends and family all know the pleasant and distinctive aroma and are often glad we have a bottle at hand. BBQ's, beach trips, holidays and every day at home don't be without yours.

Relief for the Elderly

It's an unfortunate fact that when you get older the body isn't able to heal itself as quickly as it once used to. Prone to infection and long recover periods following operations or injury, why not make sure your loved ones have something that can make them more comfortable if they are experiencing any discomfort. We are all too aware that in certain care homes, residents may not be able to benefit from adequate attention or simply "don't want to make a fuss", at least with a bottle of MARO they can do something for themselves to speed up their recovery..