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Are your essential remedial oils safe to use on children ?
Yes absolutely, our remedial oil remedies are formulated to ensure that they can be used safely on all family members. Should any sensitivity occur whilst using any remedial oil discontinue use and seek medical advice if necessary. We advise that our Martial Arts Remedial Oil should not be used on babies under 1yr old, however if our blends are diluted further with a suitable carrier oil, thier use on infants, particularly on extremities like arms and legs should not have any adverse affects. Monitor your child's condition and if there is any sign of reaction or sensitivity simply discontinue use immediately.
How long do they last ?
Typically our essential Remedial Oil blends stored correctly will last around 2 years, from experience many essential oils found in drawers or cupboards can still be effective for longer but always check the date. We use good quality amber bottles for our Remedial Oils to ensure the maximum freshness and potency remains for as long as possible. MARO ICE has a 1 year shelf life but from experience most people will use several jars a year depending on their requirements.
Is there any risk of an allergic reaction ?
Normally no, our oils are specially formulated to treat all kinds of conditions with allergies and sensitivities taken into consideration which is why our products can even be directly applied to burns. Even though our oils are mainly blended with Sweet Almond Oil, even people with nut alergies are not affected. This being said it is always possible someone somewhere can have a reaction so should you experience any kind of adverse reaction or unusual symptoms whilst using any of our remedial oils, discontinue use and consult your health specialist.
I have noticed flaking skin on my hands, is this normal?
It's certainly not uncommon, if you are using MARO products for the first time, particularly Multi-Application and MARO ICE it is not unusual to experience some light flaking of skin, on the hands usually, these are just dead skin cells that are being replaced. This is particularly common when using Multi Application Remedial Oil and MARO ICE as they contains Jasmine, a well proven skin "rejouvenater".
I have noticed that it sometimes stings when I apply MARO, is this usual?
You will find that in sensitive areas or particularly infected wounds, sometimes it may sting slightly or a slight tingling when initially applying MARO may be felt, especially in the case of hemorrhoids! This will pass very quickly and the sensitivity will be greatly reduced for subsequent applications. Normally MARO will soothe discomfort and as MARO is not like a "Deep Heat" or "Tiger Balm" no sensation at all is experienced.
Does MARO cure Fibromyalgia?
No of course not. However in the case of many injuries or reocurring conditions we can ease the discomfort by treating the symptoms. Reducing inflammation with deep acting properties, even the olfactory and relaxing properties of the oils will have a calming effect on teh body. Download this PDF for more information regarding MARO vs Fibromyalgia.
Where can I buy MARO ?
MARO is available on site or by mail order. We hope that following the recent commercialisation of MARO our products will be available from popular retail outlets soon. If your local pharmacy or health store does not stock it, ask them why not! Put them in touch with us and we will give you a "Thank you" for sending us a new customer.
Can I become a stockist or distributor for MARO ?
Absolutely, if you are interested in stocking or distributing MARO please send us a mail and we will deal with your enquiry personally. We offer discounts on multiple orders and exceptional discounts for wholesale enquiries through our business opportunity. You can become an independent distributor and get discounts on our products for life AND get paid additional commission when you resell, simply mail us at contact@remedialoils.com and use "Distributor" in your email subject.
Can you ship overseas?
Yes, we ship, INTERNATIONALLY! Of course, our site should automatically calculate shipping costs for oversea orders but if you require prices for shipping larger amounts just send us quantities and where you want it to be delivered and we will calculate the cost of postage for you.
Which product should I buy?
It really depends what you need it for. We have aimed to provide as much information as possible on site to explain the differences and effects of our products but if you are still unsure please just drop us a mail with the nature of your injury or condition and we will do our best to advise you accordingly. Sometimes certain peoples constitution simply "agrees more" with one or the other of our blends so if you are a new user or just a little unsure simply buy a small bottle first to try.
Do they really work as well as you say they do?
Absolutely, that's why we offer an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. We have used these products over and over again, have seen so many great results from people all over the world. You can buy with confidence, the only time MARO products won't work is when you don't use them.
Do you supply bespoke products?
Yes, it's a little known fact but Remedial Oils can supply a range of bespoke products ranging from essential oil blends for specific ailments where people are intolerant to certain ingredients and also white label products for use by professionals and specifically blended for them. Why not ask us about massage oils, fragrance oils or creams and lotions for you or your business.

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