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Hi, my name is Lee Coleman, I'm a Martial Artist, keen Actor as well as an Entrepreneur.

I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and explain a little more about MARO products.

MARO first came about over 20 years ago when I started out practising martial arts and could only really find mainly alcohol based products, usually made from Chinese or Japanese herbs, flowers and even insects!!

My mother is a very highly experienced and very skilled Aromatherapist so I simply gave her some "Dit da Jow" (Chinese hit wine) recipes and details of Chinese and Japanese plants that are used in these types of products and asked her to make me a blend of essential oils that could effectively be used to do the same job but something I could apply to absolutely any injury, safely.

After many attempts we finally ended up with not just one, but TWO blends of essential oils that we now know today as MARO. I used the oils over the first two years of training extensively. I trained for on average 6 days a week, sometimes 4-6 hours a day and having already suffered two serious motorcycle accidents resulting in metal plates and pins in various parts of my body you can imagine that I had more than just a few aches and pains. I also conditioned my arms and legs for breaking boards, blocks or just anything I wanted to hit really hard. I have had serious bruising, broken bones, tendon and joint damage, all of which were treated with MARO and without this I have no doubt that I would have stopped training years ago.

Over the next 5-10 years we were constantly blown away by the results of using these blends, I gave away more to friends and family than I sold but the relief and recovery time experienced by everyone that used our oils was nothing short of amazing so around 4 years ago, due to the fact that I was buying so much of the raw ingredients, I started to produce MARO commercially.

Following the success of the oils, and due to a large number of people mentioning that they did not like putting them on their skin as it made them "greasy" (even though MARO is specifically designed not to), I decided to design a skin cream containing our oils. MARO I.C.E. or Intensive Care Emollient, was born. Again no-one could have foreseen the incredible results we are getting from users with serious skin conditions and even Fibromyalgia sufferers that get relief from debilitating joint and nerve ending pain .

In a nutshell our oil blends and skin cream can be used on practically any and all external injury, trauma or condition to provide pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and incredible regenerative properties. Time and time again we see damage being repaired in a third of the time it would normally take and in some cases recovering when all other forms of conventional medicine or treatments have failed.
Our products are safe for use on children and the elderly, people with sensitive skin or allergies and as it is so universally effective I call it "First Aid in a bottle". If you have a bottle at hand you can effectively treat anything from a scratch to severe burns or broken bones, I know because I've used it on almost everything myself :)

I have so much confidence in our products that I offer a cast iron, 90 day money back guarantee. In other words if after three months of buying a MARO product you are not entirely happy that it does what we say it will I will personally give you your money back!

You owe it to yourself to try it. Lee.

MARO 90 day money back guarantee

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