Martial Arts Remedial Oil is suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle. Expertly blended and already in a carrier oil MARO can be applied directly to the skin even open wounds. Add 15-20 drops to a warm bath and the oils are absorbed all over, the olfactory and calming benefits will soothe discomfort and give you a great nights sleep.

Martial Arts Remedial Oil

MARO was initially developed over 20 years ago in order to offer an alternative to the Chinese “Dit Da Jow” an effective alcohol based bruise oil used by martial artists to help heal bruises and other training injuries. One major advantage with MARO is that it can be applied to open wounds, unlike “Dit da Jow.” In addition to it’s unique properties MARO can be used by internal and external martial art practitioners alike.

Effective when used during Kung-fu iron palm or wall bag training with similar effects to "Chan Ning Tong" aids you to develop stronger skin without hardening, drying or damaging the skins layers, promote rapid recovery and open the bodies energy meridians whilst conditioning. After initial testing our blends were adapted to promote “bone deep” soothing and improved circulation, MARO quickly helps to reduce swelling and pain, it’s an invaluable tool for any serious martial artists.

Works Hard Like You Do

MARO is a natural, effective and invaluable new remedial oil blend that works as hard as you do, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or Grandmaster in your chosen Martial Art, MARO can benefit everybody, there are times when your internal energy is not enough and your body needs help to recover or develop.

Anyone practising a Martial Art knows that injury is just an occupational hazard, pulled muscles, bruising, grazing, sprains and even fractures can cause unwanted breaks (no pun intended) from training. Even well conditioned and experienced artists can benefit from MARO's amazing remedial properties, reduce your recovery time and reinforce your bodies natural healing abilities.

cannot substitute the need for an experienced tutor, to learn the correct methods of conditioning or the practise of any Martial Art, professional instruction must be sought.

Wall Bag / Iron Palm /Conditioning

Use MARO before and after wall bag workouts.

Without treatment the skin on your knuckles will split and be grazed on the canvas wall bag when you start out or train infrequently, this means you will be unable to train until it heals properly. Although this is a common problem with beginners, once the skin between the knuckles hardens this problem will be greatly reduced.

For experienced practitioners who condition regularly it is important to use a suitable oil or rub to ensure no long term damage is done to bones, tendons and muscles. Repeated shock and impact without adequate treatment can result in long term, painful and debilitating problems. When we train to condition we break down bone, tissues and bruise the parts of the body we aim to make harder, the essential oils in Martial Arts Remedial oil have properties to help increase circulation and repair damaged areas quickly. Particles are encouraged to dispurse naturally in the bloodstream instead of building callous lumps or build ups under the skin.

For conditioning:

Apply MARO prior to iron palm or wall bag training and repeat once training has finished.

Massage well into all affected areas paying particular attention to any areas feeling more sensitive than others, massage from finger tips in the direction of the heart.

MARO will help you to strengthen skin, tendons, muscles and bones without making skin hard or rough and will repair damage caused during conditioning rapidly to ensure training can be done regularly without complications.

Grandmasters Endorsement

We are very pleased to announce that Martial Arts Remedial Oil has received the "Seal of Approval" by Living Legend, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. GM Kwok is a 2nd generation Master of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu having trained with both son's of the late Ip (Kai) Man, Bruce Lee's first teacher.
"MARO is a very powerful liniment, I use it regularly on myself and have treated many students too. Serious sports players and Martial Artists alike really should try it, I am very happy to be able to highly recommend it".

Martial Arts Applications

Proven particularly beneficial and fast acting, MARO encourages rapid recovery and is effective when applied to cuts, bruises, sprains, scrapes, grazes, dry skin, cracked skin, burns, strains, torn ligaments, crushing injuries, post operation discomfort, certain cases of Eczema and much, much more.

"But I'm not a Martial Artist, why should I use this version?"

This blend is best suited to ANYONE who is injured or has an active lifestyle, plays sports or has serious damage to nerves, tendons, muscles or even sufferers of Fibromyalgia, ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Arthritis, Rheumatism or simply re-occurring aches and pains from old age or bits we've worn out. Applying MARO at least twice a day can relieve all kinds of symptoms, promote rapid healing, reduce scarring and protect against infection in open wounds.

Had a serious accident? Crushing, Bruising, Inflammation? Use MARO, simple, effective relief from a unique and natural source.

We don't claim to be able to cure all these problems as there are so many varients that can be the root cause BUT we can ease the symptoms. Reduce Inflammation or Irritation and this will reduce discomfort, reduce and protect against infection and provide ingredients who's properties bring vitamins and everything else the body needs to heal itself quickly. "MARO Makes it Better"

Use regularly and experience the benefits for yourself, before long you'll be telling people to "Put some MARO on it" like we've been doing for nearly 30 years!!

MARO, Martial Arts Remedial Oil
  • MARO
  • Available in three handy sizes ranging from 10ml to 50ml

    Suitable for use on children (not recommended for infants under 1yr)

    Invaluable for almost any injury or reoccurring complaints
  • Can be applied directly to open wounds even burns
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Anti-Septic properties
  • Kind to Skin, Suitable for all skin types
  • Even Works on Animals
  • Extremely Economical
  • Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D, E and F


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