Why Does MARO Work?

Why Does MARO Work?


So, mostly everyone has tried natural remedies in the past in some form or another. Many of us simply don’t want to use chemicals or man-made products due to the ingredients in them or adverse side effects they can have on us when they are supposed to be helping! Through desperation some sufferers have simply tried everything and would be willing to do almost anything to help their condition. For years we have been “programmed” into thinking modern medicine has all the answers but really, does it? 


We are often asked how one product can claim to help so many injuries, conditions or complaints. MARO products are blended with powerful 100% pure essential oils that have been used for centuries. Consumers are often sold on a product which contains essential oils simply to give it a nice smell, other products are advertised as being beneficial for this, that and the other because they contain certain oils when in actual fact a closer examination of the ingredient list reveals that any of the benefits provided by the oil in question are often cancelled out by the presence of the chemicals and synthetic substances in them.

There are not surprisingly different qualities and strengths of essential oils too. Extraction methods and country of origin can dramatically affect quality and suitability for different uses in either commercial or cosmetic applications. MARO products use only the finest and 100% pure essential oils in their blends, carefully selected to maximise the effects of the products and benefits to the consumer.

Injuries, tissue damage and reoccurring physical trauma all have the same things in common, the symptoms, this is what is targeted by MARO and this is why it works so well. All damage can benefit from the same treatment so MARO provides a anti-septic properties to keep infection at bay, an anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling, improve circulation to damaged areas and even gives mood enhancing and relaxing effects thanks to the olfactory properties of the oils used.

Certain essential oils used in MARO have specific benefits. For example the Absolute Jasmine used in our  Multi-Application blend and our MARO I.C.E. cream has incredible regenerating effects on the skin, so much so, strong concentrates of Jasmine can actually “heal” tattoos  meaning the ink either fades or doesn’t take at all in places, it can even remove sun tan by healing the “damaged” skin you have spent hours perfecting. Comfrey used in our Martial Arts blend was commonly known many years ago as “knit-bone” and has incredible benefits when used regularly on fractures .

ALL of MARO’s ingredients how been specifically chosen and skilfully formulated to ensure that whilst they are powerful and effective, they have been blended in a way that they can be most universally accepted by all skin types including people with sensitive skin. If someone has a specific allergy to any of the ingredients used in MARO (most unlikely already) it is highly unlikely that they will experience any adverse effects at all both due to the amounts we use and the presence of the other oils which balance the whole blend perfectly.

If we guard against infection,  inflammation and discomfort, increase blood flow to damaged areas and provide ingredients and vitamins to effectively "Back-up" our bodies own healing process we recover more quickly. The specific balance of particular oils carefully sourced actually enhance one an others properties and compliment the effects they have on the bodies healing process.


Don't take our word for it, we've been doing this a long time, our cast iron 90 day money back guarantee means you can try our products for 3 months and if they don't do exactly what we say they will you can ask for a full refund!