Do You Play Sports?

Do You Play Sports? Have an active lifestyle?

You don’t have to be a Martial Artist to use our Martial Arts version of our Remedial Oils.  If you play sports or simply have an active lifestyle then MARO Martial Arts Remedial Oil is something you definitely need at hand.

 From blisters, twisted ankles and tennis elbow to cuts and bruises to broken bones, MARO can offer relief and rapid  recovery form almost any injury, complaint or reoccurring ailment.  If you are a walker, runner, surfer, sailor, mountain biker, golfer, gymnast, boxer, horse rider, runner, hiker, skater, skier, rugby player, footballer, cricketer or climber MARO is invaluable to have at hand.

Anyone knows how annoying it is when we can’t go out and enjoy what we like doing because of “that old injury” or “annoying twinge”.

How frustrating is it when you are competing professionally and you can’t train when injured? Sooth pain and discomfort, reduce recovery times drastically and get back to doing what you enjoy or simply use MARO to deal with reoccurring  problems related to extreme lifestyles such as sprains, bumps, bruises, cuts, burns, joint pain, ligament or muscle strain, inflammation, blisters, broken bones and much more!

Even if it's just natures way of telling you to slow down and those all too familiar aches and pains come creeping along we can still enjoy what we love doing and be comfortable in the knowledge that we have something that can help us cope.

Simply apply MARO sparingly or liberally as the application dictates or add 15-20 drops to a nice warm bath and soak away all those aches and pains, your body will thank you for it.


“ MARO Makes it Better!”