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Multi Application Remedial Oil

Multi-Application Remedial Oil is our original "First Aid in a Bottle". Expertly blended to be as universally acceptable for all skin types, conditions and reocurring complaints.

"MARO makes it Better".

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Martial Arts Remedial Oil

Used by Sportsmen and Women, Martial Artists, people with active lifestyles and anyone with deep set Injury or long standing physical complaints.
100% Pure, powerful & Effective
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MARO I.C.E Intensive Care Emollient

MARO ICE is an incredibly effective skin care cream that not only moisturises and leaves skin feeling silky smooth it has remarkable remedial properties too.
"Skin-Dependently Tested!
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Martial Arts Remedial Oil

"What is a Remedial Oil?"

Put quite simply, a remedial oil is an essential oil or blend of essential oils that help to remedy a particular ailment or injury.

Our remedial oils are expertly blended from only the very best 100% pure essential oils, we use the highest quality carrier oils and insist on nothing less to give our clients the very highest quality natural, essential oil remedial blends to ensure effective, rapid relief for many applications.

Whilst 100% pure essential oils are nothing new, our own range of natural remedial oils are, mixed to precise proportions based on tried and tested personal formulas developed over a 30 year period. Remedial Oils are dedicated to providing select and powerful, natural essential oil blends that will become an invaluable part of your households first aid kit.

Remedial Oils make no medicinal claims for any of the products we supply, due to strict guide lines that regulate the distribution of essential oil products we are unable to list products as treatments for disorders or specific ailments without applying for authorisation under the medicines act, there is a wealth of information available widely online and millions of people who have been helped by essential oils, certain natural remedies are invaluable and when used correctly can offer an effective, natural alternative to prescription medicines.

We have used our oil blends on countless types of injury and ailment for nearly 30 years on adults, children and even many animals. The bodies ability to heal itself better, when given a helping hand, to reduce inflammation and infection is evident by the reduced recovery time or easing persitant reocurring symptoms.

Our remedial oil blends carry an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee, our products can bring great relief to many who are suffering from long term and debilitating conditions such as; Arthritis, Rheumatism, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Eczema (wet and dry), Psoriasis to name just a few. We are always being told how well our remedial blends have worked on this ailment or that, how quickly things have cleared up and how people who have tried every conventional treatment for years now use MARO products due to their effectiveness.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE SUFFERING? help them today by sending them a link to our site or introducing them to our Remedial Oil blends!

(a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health.)

Manage Pain and Discomfort

Guard against Infection

Promotes Rapid Healing

Reduces Scarring

Deep Acting

Powerful and Effective

Proven Formula

Natural Ingredients

Results Guaranteed!

MARO makes it better

The Most Powerful Remedial Oil We Make Just Keeps on Amazing Us With Incredible Results.
Ideal for Sportsmen and Women

Active Lifestyle

Martial Artists

Useful if Travelling

Home Medicine Cabinet

Can be used Safely on Children

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Apply Neat or Add to a Bath

Use in a Compress





Deep Acting

Sports Injury

Ultimate Skin Care


Aromatherapy dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek ages where essential oils where used both medicinally and cosmetically. The tomb of Tutankhamen contained oils, the fragrance still discernible after thousands of years giving proof of it's potency. In Aromatherapy the oils of plants are used, known as essential oil or plant hormones.

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